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Top 12 Affordable Locations For Young And Energetic Travelers

If you are a student and you are an energetic traveler, but you dont have enough money to visit beautiful locations. Well we can say that you should not get worry at all about your budget. Because, we are discussing top 12 affordable locations for young and energetic travelers.

  1. Bangkok, Thailand

The most popular and affordable location is Thailand. Well, Thailand is the popular and most affordable destination for young tourists with amazing sights. In Thailand, the meal will cost only euro 1.50.

  1. Ha Long Bay, Vietnam:

The second popular destination for young travelers is Ha Long Bay in Veitnam. This location has beautiful views with tasty food.

  1. India

Thirdly, India is the most beautiful destination in the world. It is advisable that travelers should stay away from big cities.

  1. Seoul, South Korea

On number 4th, we have Seoul in South Korea. We want to mention that South Korea is the popular and affordable destination for young travellers. This location offers beautiful beaches and tasty food.

  1. Bolivia, South America

Well, Bolivia in South America is also another most affordable destination. For stunning sights, travelers should visit near towns like Machu Picchu. Moreover, flights and accommodation are affordable.

  1. Oktoberfest, Munich

On number 6th, we have Oktoberfest in Munich. If you want to eat affordable and yummy food then you should visit this place. For example, the pastries are almost 5 times bigger as normal size of pastries.

  1. Golden sands Beach, Varna, Bulgaria

If you have limited budget and you want to make your holidays memorable then visit this place. Because this place has an ideal night out with cheap and affordable accommodation.

  1. Budapest, Hungary

We want to mention that Budapest, Hungary is the cheapest and affordable place to drink. This location is very popular among young travelers because of affordable accommodation.

  1. Prague, Prague, Czech Republic

While discussing top 12 affordable locations for young travelers we should mention Prague in Czech Republic. Well, we can say that this is the best place for great nights out.

  1. Croatia

On number 10th, we have Croatia. Well, Croatia is the beautiful and amazing location in Europe. We recommend that young travelers should try Split and Hotel Fiesta Siesta for stay.

  1. Lisbon, Portugal

We want to mention that Lisbon in Portugal is a beautiful city with an ideal weather. In this city, young travelers will find almost everything affordable.

  1. Madrid, Spain

Lastly, we have Madrid, Spain. Well, Madrid is an affordable place as compared to other cities of Spain. Madrid is the beautiful location of coast, amazing sights and Spaniards.

So these are the top 12 affordable locations for young and energetic travelers. So those young travelers who have limited budget should not worry and just visit these locations. They will surely make their holidays memorable.


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