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Interesting and Unknown World Facts About Leonardo Dicaprio

You would surely be one of the biggest fans of Leonardo Dicaprio! No doubt that Leonardo Dicaprio is one of those Hollywood actors that do not need any kind of introduction. He shed tears into so many eyes when after so long efforts and hard work he was honored with the Oscar award for the film, The Revenant. You would have always taken this actor as a jolly and down to earth personality. But no matter how big fan you are of Leonardo Dicaprio, there are some facts which you do not know about this Hollywood celebrity actor. Are you ready to catch them?

Interesting and Unknown World Facts About Leonardo Dicaprio:

  • In the film, Wolf of War Street you might have catch Leonardo Dicaprio as in a complete drug addicted style, but in real life he has never taken any kind of drugs. This is quite shocking for sure.
  • In the film Titanic, very few people knows the secret of the film that Kate Winslet flashed him. When the actress gets to know the fact that she has to go naked in front of the actor, she firstly flash him as they both met each other.
  • Some of his fans are not aware of the fact that this actor is a big environmental activist. For this reason, he has purchased the island named as Blackadore Caye in the place of Belize. This island is basically suffering from the overfishing all along with the deforestation.
  • When he was not born, once his father looked at the potrait of the Leonardo Da Vinci. While looking at the potrait, he kicked in his mother womb and this was how his mother assign him with the name of Leonardo Dicaprio.
  • One of the main roles in the film named as American Psycho was first of all be assigned to the Leonardo Dicaprio. The direction team even agree to pay this actor with high amount of $21 million but he did not accepted the offer.
  • Leonardo Dicaprio just got one of the Indie film all blocked for getting release in the US and Canada.
  • Leonardo Dicaprio has even won the rights of the Jordan Belfort’s memoir The Wolf of Wall Street just as against the Bradd Pitt and Paramount Pictures.
  • You might do not know the fact that Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet has created with the fun for the purpose of subsidizing the nursing home fees of the Milkvina Dean, that was the last Titanic survivor just as at the time she broke her hip.
  • At the time of filming for the film, Django Unchained, he simply stopped the amid scene just for the reason that he was having some difficulty by means of the racial slurs. At that moment, his co actor, Samuel Jackson took him into the corner and said that “mother fucker, this is just another tuesday for us”.

So these have been some of the interesting and unknown facts about Leonardo Dicaprio from which majority of your were unaware! Are’nt they are interesting to listen?


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