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How Millions of Android Smartphones Are At Risk?

 Do you know that now your Android phone is at risk? If you are one of the Android users then you should get alert much because your smartphones are on the risk alert now! Yes you heard it right! It has been just recently reported out that almost over 900 million  Android devices are affected by the side of the ‘high-risk’Quadrooter flaw. This is one of the major flaws that has been newly captured inside the devices that are all running Qualcomm processors. There are so many people who might not be aware of this processor and hence they would surely be taking it lightly. Now this news has definitely disturb so many android users who actually cannot imagine their daily routine without the android phones. Through this post, we would be getting into detail review discussion about how millions of android smartphones are at the risk factors!

How Android Phones Are Affected From Qualcomm Processor?

It has been about second time in one year that android phones has been detected in the Qualcomm processors. In the month of May 2016, some of the hackers gained the access to several million Android smartphones that are all found to be running on Qualcomm processors that are exposed to a bug. Just a couple a days back, a latest new bug was found in the devices that are found to be running Qualcomm processors. Hackers can easily get a control of your phone all through any one of the four vulnerabilities such as QuadRooter.

What security company Check Point Software Technologies Says About This Android Phone Risk?

         One of the security company has came up with the statement that hackers can easily get access to your android phone all through the use of the applications. They can get access to any one of these four vulnerabilities all the way by using a venomous app. They further added with their statement that such kind of the applications would not need any kind of the permissions to take advantage of these vulnerabilities.

Main Side Effects of QuadRooter to Android Phones:

                Quadrooter is also showing its major effects in the drivers of the smartphone that is accountable in order to control communication between the different kinds of the chipset components. Only the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) can fix this flaw all through the way hence by issuing the software patch.

Main Models Of Android Phones With Quadrooter:

Some of the major android handset models that are vulnerable to Quadrooters are Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge as well as OnePlus 3 along with Google Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P in addition to LG G4, LG G5 , LG V10, OnePlus One, OnePlus 2, OnePlus 3 and so many more.

So, we would suggest you that you should immediately update your android phones right now and give a protective coverage to your phones from the hackers!

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