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A Complete Overview On Taboola

Majority of the times it do happen that when you are using the internet then you would might be facing the Taboola advertisements on top of your window. It is getting out to be very much famous all over the world just like any other ads of the Hindustan Times, India.com as well as IBTimes and few other popular news websites. But at the same time it is often leaving behind the bad impression of top the minds because it is little out of stream. There are so many minds who are left with the question in their minds that what Taboola has been all about! Well, you don’t need to hit your heads here and there because with this post we would be getting into detail discussion about the Taboola and what this is all about.

What is Taboola All About?

Taboola is known out to be the contextual ad network that is very much similar to the Outbrain and yet the nRelate. It is all based on the concept of the invite based and you have to wait around for some time in order to get hold over the invitation from them in order to participate in their publisher program. You can easily get into contact with them and make them learn about your stats of your blog to get started with their ad program. The ads of Taboola are very much similar in appearance just as the related posts on top of your blog.

What To Know About Taboola Performance Reports?

If you would be making the use of the Taboola ads you would be surely be impressed with the revenue that is all generating from the side of it. If you would be testing it on top of some of your sites, then you would be getting a heavy decent traffic. If you are having low traffic then this is not a perfect alternative for you.

Few Important Tips to Make Use Of Taboola:

  • You should be placing the ads just as right below the article to get high rating impressions.
  • You should stay in touch with the account manager and should ask them what sort of measures you should take in order to improve the performance. Their support is great and they are best with their response.
  • Plus, you should be locating the ads away from the place of Google Adsense. You should stay careful as this revenue should not be effecting Adsense Revenue.
  • You can just make the use of this network in the effective way if you are having a decent traffic of atleast 20,000 visitors a day.

So, this was the overall and detail discussion about the Taboola and how it can show its results in raising the traffic on your site. To give your site with the boosting traffic results, just use this network right now!

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